Grated caciocavallo

Grated semi-hard stretched curd cheese made from cow's milk, rennet and lactic enzymes.

At the start of production, the milk is heated and poured into wooden vats. The rennet is then added and the mixture left to rest for about an hour, after which the curd is broken up: so at this point the milk changes from a liquid to a solid. Boiling water is then added, and the curd is subjected to two different cycles of cooking and allowed to ferment. Finally, the curd is cut into slices and worked by hand. The resulting forms are placed inside rectangular wooden boxes called "mastredde"; the cheeses are turned over several times and when completely cool are soaked in brine. The caciocavalli are then taken to the special maturing rooms. They are hung in pairs over wooden beams and checked from time to time until they reach the right level of maturity.

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